On the fateful day of the presidential results announcement, I was with some of my friends talking outside my home. Everything seemed quiet, until a crowd carrying machetes and stones came from nowhere chanting political slogans.

The chanting crowd demanded the exit of members of a certain community from the area ‘you voted for the opposition candidate’ they chanted. Curious to get a better view I ran towards the marauding youth unaware of the dangers of my action.

They were now threatening to break into houses of rival communities. Sensing danger I rushed back to the comfort of my home. Police on patrol acted swiftly to rescue and quell the growing tension to no avail. What seemed like one of my childhood games (hide and seek) pursued between the police and the heavily armed youth. Houses were touched in the process a situation that generated fear within my Mathare neighborhood. Curfew was quickly declared that evening from 7.00pm until morning and was to be followed strictly.

My family and all the neighbors adjacent spent the better part of the night in fear. We could hear screams and shouts of women, children and even men asking for help but it was too dangerous mission which could be life threatening. On peeping through our mad thatched house we could see one of our neighbours house on fire. With no help from fearful neighbours the fire quickly spread to our house which was burnt to ashes. We dashed out and did not manage to salvage anything including my personal belonging, clothes and books.

With no home we moved to the gates of Moi airbase camp and were later transferred to Mathare chief’s camp, where I lived in a tent with my family for eight months supported with food and clothes from Red Cross and the Lutheran church.

My solution to this unfortunate events is to urge the government to take responsibility and create jobs for the youths.


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