post election violence Jactons perspective

31st Dec 2007 is a day the residence of the lakeside city of Kisumu will never forget. The city was turned into a battlefield after the presidential elections results were announced. The police were all over the streets ready to deal with the crowds, which were threatening to cause chaos.

The situation got form bad to worse; the people lit bone fires, erected illegal roadblocks and wrote offensive graffitis’ on the walls. Members of certain communities were forcefully chased from their homes. The police were given shoot to kill orders and according to the National Human Rights Commission report, 75% of the Deaths in Kisumu were blamed on the police.

Food in the town was scarcely available, houses and shops were looted and arsonist took advantage to burn the structures. Rowdy gangs took advantage of the situation to assault women sexually.

My advice as a young Kenyan is directed to our development partners together with our local sponsors to organize more forums where youths from allover the country can be brought together, and be sensitized on the importance of living in harmony regardless of their ethnic affiliations.


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