The violence that followed the 2007 general elections was heart breaking, I still cant believe that people can do such horrible deeds to their fellow human beings, I witnessed killings, destruction, plunder and rape. The worst experience was on 1st of January 2008 when I witnessed the gruesome death of my friend. I was taking a walk with her and another friend of mine in the streets of Mathare North in Nairobi. We were stopped by two men and they started asking us which tribe we belonged to, they later asked for our national Identification cards, we didn’t have any on us, so they resorted to talking to us using their mother tongue to confirm our tribes. One of my friend understood and responded. She was released and asked to run as fast as she could and instructed not to look back. The other who didn’t understand was beaten and they started assaulting her sexually. She cried for help but it was too dangerous for us to return and help. She was rescued by police officers that were nearby, and rushed to hospital were she died on arrival. It was difficult to believe people we lived with could do such a thing to my friend.
Young people most of the time receive bribes from our leaders in order to vote for them. They do that because they do not have any other source of gainful employment since there are no jobs. The government can help create jobs to avoid youth idling for an idle mind is the devils workshop.


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