Meaning of Peace Summit logo

The Peace Summit Logo has significant meaning relating to how demanding peace is required not only in Kenya but in the entire continent.


Kenya Youth Peace Summit Logo

Kenya Youth Peace Summit Logo

Africa– continent faced with enormous challenges including conflicts

The summit takes place in Africa a continent that has seen many if not most of conflicts, which result from poor governance, ethnicity, hunger for power.. and the list goes on and on.

burning Kenya- Symbolized with orange/ black on Kenya.

In 2007 Kenya faced one of the worst violence recorded in its History. when fighting ended we had 1,200 people dead and 350,000 displaced from their homes and living as Internally Displaced Persons (IDP’s). Kenya was burning and country once baptised a heaven of peace in a territory of war. one may ask why in 2009? Kenya has not healed from the wounds of violence witnessed in 2007. situation is still volatile and victim communities are yet to forgive and forget since many lost a father, a mother, a daughter, a son in the violence. Most of the causes of war are yet to be addressed- poverty, unemployment among the youth, hate speech by politicians, inequity and inpunity. so the country is still burning even though we are not in the lime-light on the CNN, BBC, CBS…..

Dove symbol of peace

The dove symbolizes peace and it seem to be headed to Kenya where absence of peace has threatened many young people. We hope with the ray of light brough by the dove (peace) the summit will brighten many lives, provide hope to many who have lost it, motivate many who feel helpless with the system and enormous poverty being experienced.

The Summit organizers hope you will join us in this journey of transformation aimed at encouraging young people to dream and walk towards their dreams. Dreams can only be fulfiled in a conducive atmosphere where peace becomes a way of life.


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