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  1. greetings from youth for change
    we are a registered youth organization in kikuyu district working with the youth on issues relating to them like hiv/aids,reproductive health,human rights,governance,environment,peace building etc.we also operate the only youth free resource centre although not well equiped where we dissiminate information.
    we take this opportunity to congratulate you for the nice blog and also rquest for any partnership you may deem right with us like trainings,seminars,resource materials and sharing with us any relevant information you may come across.
    kind regards and keep the project running
    coordinator – youth for change
    piazza aecade 1st floor
    room 6 – kikuyu town next to kobil station
    020 206 5936

  2. Brian Shem Kalafa says:

    May every desire that we have and every effort that we make towards realizing the same motivate us to focus on what we hope to achieve; what we already possess, IN FAITH; what we are bound to see made manifest, and what SHALL be manifest.

    To God be the glory, for ever, AMEN!

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