By Margaret Muga

The post election violence that led to death of many people and displacement more than 300,000 people was believed to be majorly influenced by the state of unemployment among youths and poverty. This may or may not be true depending on the situation. A mother who had just given birth to baby boy on her way home from maternity came across a rowdy youth armed with pangas who hacked the child into pieces leaving the mother in agony. What does poverty and unemployment has to do with the life an innocent infant? The youth’s social life and priority setting is in question. The youth involvement in the violence has drawn public attention. Research by the National Council of Churches in Kenya-Kenya Episcopal Churches Centre of Justice, Peace and Cohesion (NCCK-KEC CJPC), illustrate their role in the election violence since 1992.However in 2002 General Election they were less destructive as they seemed to have been promised a lot and had high hopes on their elected leaders.

Their indulgence in violence has been attributed to the view of great importance of social life among youths. They spend most of their time in social places and ‘bases’ drinking brews and taking hard drugs that transform their anger into destructions and due to life demands they are further drawn into militia groups for chances of ‘creating employment’. Their priorities are set upside-down.

Young people should look at the personal perspective of an action before getting involved. What are the end results of participating in this given activity? What methods am I going to use in performing the activity? Young people need to ask themselves such questions before taking part in an activity.



  1. This is a great article and the young lady that wrote it is very knowledgable of the environment there. I pray for peace there and that companies will grow so that many jobs will become available.

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