Youths have urged leaders to research on policies and real issues before enacting them into laws. This concern was raised during the Kenya Peace Summit at Lenana School attended by over 200 youths across 6 countries worldwide

. Referring to their regional leaders, they said, this will help them realize the effects of policies at the grassroots level and on future generation.

Members of Parliaments’ salary increment, taxation and the retirement age policies were key issue during this interactive forum. Think of the gap between an MP, minister or a state secretary, pocketing a whooping million shilling monthly untaxed and a common mwanainchi living on less than a dollar per day.

If the retirement age of civil servants is extended when will the youths get the chance to be employed in government sector? Decisions on such real issues affecting the nation should be impartial and the concern of the citizens’ prioritized. The civil servants who have reached the retirement age should be fair and leave chances to their sons and daughters to get employed.

Leaders should unite in serving the nation, embrace peace and put their personal interest aside. This would minimize political unrest regionally.


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