Story by Debra Dollar

Baby Biasha

Baby Biashah Wangui (8months old) is the youngest participant in the on going Kenya Youth Peace Summit in Lenana. She is here with her mother Cynthia Njeri who is 19 years old and her father Lawrence Oduor, a 21 years old orphan.

The couple has faced lots of challenges and has even been referred to as failures. Cynthia, a class eight drop out does different blue collar jobs to make ends meet and Lawrence, a high school student at Eastleigh  hustles around when out of school to make sure there is food on table. Currently, he is the Secretary of a 30 member (5girls and 25 boys) Kinyago United Self-help Group Pumwani which was formed to bring youths together and fight drugs.

According to the two parents, their inspiration and blessing is Biashah, their daughter, born in August 2008.They overtook the temptations of abortion or abandonment, rampant with their peers and chose to take care of her. They feel that the summit will help them raise their baby in a peaceful environment.


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