Rev Shelvis Smith – Mather talks about the peace and reconciliation programs carried out by FECCLAHA during an interview by the Media Team.

Tell us something about your background?
I was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia USA. I come from a family of pastors
and ministers. I was inspired by my aunt’s advocacy for change when she
marched for civil rights with Martin Luther King and other civil rights leaders.
They taught me to be an agent of change.

FECCLAHA stands for Fellowship of Christian Councils and Churches in the
Great lakes Region and the Horn of Africa. It is an Ecumenical body that
works on a regional level to foster peace and reconciliation in 9 member countries
which include Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, DR Congo,
Ethiopia, Eritrea and Sudan.

What is the role of FECCLAHA in promoting Peace?
FECCLAHA addresses the issue of peace and reconciliation through peace building, advocacy, lobbying and net working with major stakeholders whether they are political, religious and community leaders to work for peace
treaties. It recently released a contextual bible study on gender based violence. Our Organization also advises Churches to view issues from theological perspective. They should use scriptures that deal with rape and abuse so that look into issues that are normally taboos and discuss how it happened in the scriptures and how it is happening today.

Why did FECCLAHA decide to be part of this conference?
FECCLAHA’s core values are human dignity and compassion. This conference
addresses issues that are important to Kenyan Youth and that is why am excited
to be here.

Do you think youth in this conference will make responsible agents of peace in future?
I m excited to see a great representation of Christians and Muslims working together.
Peace is an integral part of Christian, Muslim and Hindu faith. I think the youths present are breaking
the stereotype of youth of being law breakers.

What is your drive and motivation in your work?
Love for Christ. I love God and I like to stomp out the Devil.


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