It is unbelievable that about 90% of the Kenyan youths present at the ongoing international peace summit at Lenana School are neither aware of the contents of the Youth Policy document nor its existence. Who do we blame?

Is it the government’s failure to market the policy or the youth’s negligence and ignorance? This may be the reason as to why youths are highly irresponsible and less participative on national issues affecting future generation.

Statistics show that 50% of the youth in Kenya end up in jail. But why? This may result to the fact that they are not aware of what should guide them in their life, what are their roles and obligation in developing their country economy and who the stakeholders in their lives are.

They form 75% of the countries population though they seem not to be recognized. Youths should wake-up and air their views. Through formation of advocating groups, they should spread out to fight for their share of the national cake.

The government too should take responsibilities in moulding the lives of its future leaders.What benefit does the nation have if half of its population languish in jail?

We appreciate all the facilitators of yesterdays workshops and presenters especially: 

Dr.Ranaivoson- Youth and Sexuality
Mr.Saraj-social enterprise
Samuel Odhiambo-Peace and Reconciliation management (DCM)
Chorale Afrika


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