Just on Monday, the program started
People gathering, all want to know what’s up
What we will learn, include recreation and art
Going all over, just to set down the trap.
Kenya a country, once had peace all around
Walking on streets, people happy as once.
Leaders all come to election, presidents just to be found
Only one will be a president, that’s the only chance.
Leaders, whom we see, are the one supposed to lead
But what just happened, not even greeting.
All the farms just blank, there is none even a seed.
All that for leadership, hence leading to fighting.
In the year 2007, the beautiful houses destroyed
Just came in time, that’s when it became the worst
Gunshots all around, we were all just betrayed
Tribes just fighting only for blood thirst.
Mom was this building in Kenya, the girl would ask
Yes it was here my dear, but not on this day.
Dad I wish my uncle was here he, could teach me drive
Sorry my dear son, your uncle died, he was sleighed.
Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Burundi and Rwanda,
Whole Africa, including Nigeria and Somalia,
We are one and, don’t need propaganda,
Peace, unity, love, kindness, what we all need.

BY Stella Harold Salim


4 Responses to PEACE ONCE AGAIN a poem

  1. Caleb Amon Majo says:

    Wooow! A wonderful piece of art, more than a poem!!.. Peace, unity,kindness and Utmost LOVE will change africa.. Brilliant content.. So MUCH LOVE

  2. stella harold says:

    I wish we had another summit.

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