Summit participants meet to strategize…

1st May, 2009 Jerusalem, Nairobi– The peace Summit participants from around Nairobi met to establish strategies of continued work on peace. Meeting under the leadership of the Peace Summit peer-review chairperson Shem Kalafa, they emphasized on the need to step-up campaigns for peace around Nairobi.

The meeting of the twenty youth from various organizations comes barely two weeks after the conclusion of the Kenya Youth peace summit held in Nairobi’s Lenana school, which brought together more than 200 youth from 7 countries to deliberate and reflect on issues of peace in Eawst Africa and the entire region.

‘The Summit brought us together at a time we didnt know each other, taught us great things now (we) are a family”- narrated Mugo, one of the convenors of the meeting from KELC. He added that the ignited energy for peace should not be let to cool,  and urged member to develop joint activities. The meeting resolved to embark on rigorious peace campaigns especially within the Nairobi slums (affected most during the 2007 post-election violence).

 ‘lets stand in solidarity with our friend Edwin, visit him show him love’- Lamented Mugo on the unfortunate incident which left one participant injured after the peace summit procession.

Prior to this meeting, the peace summit Media team members under the stewardship of Victor Agandi from Diaconia Comapassionate Ministry met in Nairobi and developed constution meant to govern the establishment of ‘The peace Journal’, a publication born at the Nairobi summit. The media members have vowed to continue producing the peace journal as a monthly publication to beef-up information sharing among Kenyans. 

In related development, the peer review is working round the cloak to release the proposal fill-up forms for phase two of the peace summit initiative which will give small grants to various groups for income generation activities.


One Response to Summit participants meet to strategize…

  1. Daniel says:

    I could not imagine that after the summit we will have another chance to meet, thank God we are still going strong and hope this spirit will spread towards other region and that young people from those region present will follow our footsteps of been together.
    Nice start

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