Call for revised proposal work plans

April 29, 2010


Dear Participants of the Kenya Youth peace summit!

Greetings to you all!

I believe you have all registered as voters in the on-going voters registration by the IIEC. We need to bring a change as young people in Kenya by electing sound and dedicated leaders.

It is exactly  one year since we held the successful peace summit in Nairobi attended by deligates from six countries in the Great Lakes region. Since then, the Peer Review Committee elected at the meeting, has been working tirelessly to realize our set goals. Such meetings by the Peer review Committee realized the screening of project proposals sent by you and successful projects where listed on this website / blog for openness and transparency.

As we edge closer to financing projects submitted we would like you all to do the following:

1. reconvene in your groups and revise the proposals you sent to identify wether your groups still want to implement what you proposed or no. If NOT please make changes and develop a workplan on how, when you intend to implement the activities.

2. Share with us details of the groups since we would embark on visiting each group before an financial support are given to better understand the dynamics and challenges within your areas.

We will call on the Peer Review Members for a meeting to discuss on monitoring and evaluation training, report formats and contracts for financing your respective proposals approved for Phase I.