Balcony vegetable farming kicks off in Mombasa

February 7, 2011

The balcony vegetable farming acts as a unifying circuit for different communities to interact, work together, promote food security and co existence among different ethnic groups of youths. One such project is undertaken by Active Youth from Mombasa who are among the beneficiary of the Kenya Youth peace Summit funding. 

Active youth members sieving soil before planting vegetable

When complete the vegetable garden will create passion for farming within coastal zone with minimal water. Members of the group also hope to train other groups on the concept and transfer the skills to other parts of the country. such a project is key in increasing food security and organic farming which will ultimately drive many youth from idleness. 

Within a period of two harvest the project which is estimated to be after seven months, the project will have attained a level sufficiency where production and supply will enable sustain itself. For instance It is envisaged that 250 sacks would generate an income of  kshs 160,000 within three months which translates to monthly income of kshs 40,000.  Such income margin will enable members  undergo entrepreneurship trainings and they can later await support to start their own small business.