The Kenya Youth Peace Summit brings together more than 200 Muslims, Methodists, Anglicans, Catholics and Lutherans youth from across Kenya as well as Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, Congo, USA.  Youth affected by the Rwanda genocide in 1994 and former internally displaced persons from the post-election violence are also participating.

Our goals

  • set a foundation for youth to be peacemakers through discussion, information sharing, and training
  • equip youth with skills to lead projects in their communities, including learning about banking and proposal writing
  • spiritually center youth through prayer, fellowship and singing
  • provide a safe space where youth can share some of the pain they have experienced individually and heal
  • discuss peace and reconciliation in Africa as a whole, by directly talking about conflicts such as the post-election violence in Kenya, and the genocide in Rwanda
  • encourage youth to live out their dreams by knowing themselves and their values, speaking out as leaders, and setting goals.

This blog is produced by the youth media team, which is trained in journalism, video and photography.

The summit is a partnership between the Kenya Evangelical Lutheran Church and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. This is the second summit of its kind, the previous peace summit was held in Rwanda in 2008 hosted by the Lutheran Church of Rwanda. If you would like to learn more about the methodology of the summit, please send an email to Davila.Emily at gmail.com or garende at gmail.com


8 Responses to About

  1. daniel saya says:

    Its my prayer that youths from outside kenya especially those with success stories and case study from their country be encouraged to attend so as to compare and creat more impact to young people.

  2. Jagaman says:

    This is a barua of hongera to you and your great efforts to promote Peace and Prosperity for Afrika. A special hongera to the Hon. Gaylord Thomas who has given so much and is still going strong, in spite of his personal sufferings, to lend his mighty shoulder to keep the wheel rolling towards world peace . Asante sana . Ms. Laila Minja, Secretary of the Kuji Foundation and Geronimo ji Jaga of the Atchafalaya Volunteers. 4/19/09

  3. rubayat says:

    Good work. This is a good effort for promoting as well as encouraging peace in Africa. A nice continent with lots and lots of natural beauty and resources. Only little scarcity of peace is there. The pictures and contents of this blog caught my attention for pretty longer time. Good work. Carry on!

  4. Agandi says:

    I luv this team. keep it up guyz Kenya and the World need us!!!

  5. Ainea Obiero says:

    good morning.we hands of mercy group were asking if the funds have not yet been disburse.we were to be sent a start key and unfortunately we have not go it.kindly we are asking for your assistance on way forward.our email address is still the same.thank you in advance.

  6. daniel says:

    May we please know the latest develoment and the related proceedure to go about it. we are ready.please we request you communicate to us any thing, good or bad.something unsaid is more painfull than the one said.Help us tell our youths the truth always about the youth peace summit latest development.

    • George Arende says:

      Many thanks Daniel,
      apology for the delayed response into the peace summit development but we have been posting details on the blog from time to time and even held meeting with the peer review committee who were to inform you on the developments.
      We were not certain in receiving the funds due to un-explainable delay but we are now on course. If you check on the blog we have made a call for the revised workplans for the proposals that were sent. please send this to us as soon as possible. we would publish the electronic format for the revised- application and workplans.

      Kind regards


  7. Nathan says:

    Can I have one contact person in this group?
    Thank you

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