April 15, 2009

By Debra Dolla

A strong base emphasizing on how the post election violence revealed a weak point in our ethnic relationship as innocent blood was shed, lives lost, and property worth millions destroyed”, said NGO Council chairman Dr. Semeon Kanani. He continued to say that our ethnic groups will never be taken for granted as many have learnt their lessons.

He insisted that the rule of law was thrown out of the window with historic injustices revived for revenge. The chairman challenged the youths whom he referred to as the victims, defenders and perpetrators in this case to rise up and speak out as they are the international peace builders and agents of change.

He said the shaking of hands by the two leaders settled the violence but after all hooliganisms had been promoted. He emphasized on the fact that Kenyans wanted a democratic system but ended up with the coalition government which they did not vote for and called on youths across the country to have a voice and to restore mistakes

According to statistics, he said 50% of the youths are convicts in jail, 67% unemployed and 60% HIV/AIDS positive and despite all these, the youths have been put on the periphery and sidelined in most sectors.

The chairman finds the peace summit timely as the unstable political situation in the country seems to be brewing up trouble, and the youths are the ones that are likely to be incorporated. . He encouraged the youths to pass the peace messages by adding a voice.

Later during an interview with the chairman made public of his new post as a UNDP consultant and said that they are working on a new youth policy that will give compass directions on how to progress and offer benchmarks for youths to be heard. Their strategy to create networks incorporates youths thus encouraged the participants to make resolutions and they’ll have their voices heard by calling a press conference.

In closing, the chairman encouraged youths to maintain peace and talk to each other to build more networks.



April 15, 2009

By Francis Ng’ang’a

If Kenya burns, then we all burn in it for we are Kenyans” this were the words of the Youth Affairs and Sports minister Hellen Sambili, during her speech to mark the official opening of The Kenya Youth Peace Summit at the Lenana School.

The speech read by the minister, on behalf of the President of Kenya Hon. Mwai Kibaki, challenged the youth to build a better country and adviced them on how to achieve their dreams about their future. She assured the young and eager participants of the ministry’s endeavor to address issues affecting young people; such as high levels of unemployment, widespread poverty, health, crime, drugs and substance abuse.

At the same time, she also encouraged the youths to lead healthy lives and avoid drugsalcohol and other harmful substances. The minister said that her ministry is in the forefront in promoting peace and cohesion. “After what happened in December 2007 election I am sure all of us realize that no one can be spared in the absence of peace. Am sure it was a learning experience to all of us” the minister concluded.

The minister appreciated the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and the Kenya Evangelical Lutheran Church for their efforts in promoting peace building amongst the youth in this summit meant to address peace issues and coming up with the best practices and approaches in peace building

Youth Peace Summit mentioned in Daily Nation

April 15, 2009

the daily nation had a brief article in its 15th newspaper on the kenya youth peace summit this morning go check it out at: