Media team

1.Agandi Victor Omondi
Victor, 24 is a graduate from Moi University in Finance and Banking. He currently works for Diakonia Compassionate Ministry, a Faith Based Organization based in Kisumu. He brings to the 2009 Youth Peace Summit a rich experience in report & proposal writing. Victor believes in interaction and networking among youths as key to success.

2. Javan .V. Apudo
Javan, is a graduate of Human Resource Management. He heads SOS (Save Our Souls) Nairobi youth center media department since 2004. His work entails, production of the centers newsletter focused on advocacy and peace building among the youth. Javan also manages Toboa recording studio, which empowers community on identifying talents. He brings to the summit wide experience ad believes he can bring change by influencing and involving youth at the Summit.

3.Irene Awino
Irene hails from Mathare slums in Nairobi, an area heavily affected by the 2007 post-election violence witnessed in Kenya. Pangani Lutheran Children Centre has provided for her and sponsored her through computer skills training at Nairobits. At 21 Irene aspires to study journalism a motivation she has derived from her personal experience of the 2007 post-election violence.

4.Catherin W.Kobusingye
Catherine a mass communication degree student at Daystar University also studies Forensic psychology in criminal justice. She is also the chairperson of young girls music group Dolce Africa Chorale. As a member of media team she hopes to share summit information with the world. Catherine is a strong advocate for the youth and believes in Unity and Peace for development and prosperity.

5.Jackton .O. Ataro
Jackton 27 an Electrician, and volunteer in Youth Empowerment Program Africa. A member of YMCA Kenya, Jackton hails form kisumu one of the hard hit areas during the post election violence in Kenya. It is out of this that made him believe in journalism as tool to advocate for peace thus his participation in the peace summit in April 2009.

6.Albanos Chalo
Albanos 24 is a peer peace edutainer at Mathare slums. His motivation for peace was derived from the post election violence when he suffered as a victim of the Internally Displaced Persons (IDP’s). He joined Thama self help group which empowers youth by providing self employment and advocating for peaceful co-existence among youth.

7.Isaiah .O. Shanguya
Isaiah 19 is a Young Special Program Coordinator in Ingurumani Magadi under Kenya Evangelical Lutheran Church and also volunteers with AMREF. He joined the media-training course to create more awareness in advocating for peace among the youth and educate on Human Rights violation he frequently witnesses among his Maasai community.

8.Judith Chemutai Soy
Judith is a member of Mathare Thama Self-Help Group. A group formed after post-election violence by the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs). She has completed her O level and computer packages. She is a volunteer leader under USAID Aphia II Kenya acting as a link between the organization and the community at MOSA Youth group on HIV and AIDS. By getting involved in the peace summit 2009, she hopes to bring about change to the youth and influence them to embrace peace.

9.Margaret Muga
Is 24 years a member of Evangelical Lutheran church in Kenya (ELCK). She works as a reporter for Diakonia Compassionate Ministry (DCM), a faith based organization based in Kisumu. She brings to the peace summit wide experience in reporting and project management, in addition to experience in other peace building initiative supported by USAID.

10. Herman Kyalo
Herman is a 21 year and youth, currently pursuing a diploma in social ministry at catholic university of East Africa, Tangaza College. Currently he is an intern at SOS Children Village Nairobi assisting and caring for people living with HIV/ Aids at community level and initiating income generation activity for their benefit. He is the secretary at SOS Utumishi Rotary Club and also a Member of Nairobi Youth Peace Summit and will use the Media skills to empower the community with information of advocacy for peace.


4 Responses to Media team

  1. gerald wanjala says:

    would really love to participate on this event i have so mch to contribute

  2. herman Kyalo says:

    i apprecaite all the media team for what they have done to make sure that summit was successful may God bless them

  3. scola mwenda says:

    maze am very impressed with this,keep up wit the same trend lakini bana nimejaribu kutafuta ma name ama ya lynnete kwa media team nikakosa.enyewe i’l keep in touch with u guyz.

  4. Maria says:

    Hey guys,

    it’s 2011 yay… let’s please revive the positive spirt we had at the summit 2009. Our aim is to make a change and we are not going to make a change if we don’t finish what we started. This was a great idea that came from we leaders of tomorrow, hopping to reach many young people across Africa despite their religious background. We came up with this, let’s keep it moving. I’m so proud of all of you guys.

    Happy 2011.

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