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  1. we need peace amongst our kenyan youths. it is a good initiative to have the summit which fosters to bring us together. hope to join hands in every move made.

  2. DGprogram says:

    Canadian – American – Kenyan Partnership, Including 9 Students Bring Youth Leadership Development Training to Kit Mikayi, Kenya

    NAIROBI, Kenya, April 24, 2011 – A team of 11 project team members, including 9 students from Canada and the USA, arrived in Nairobi, Kenya yesterday to launch the first of five missions of the Kids In The Spotlight – Kenya Project (KITS Kenya).

    The KITS Kenya Project is a Canadian–American–Kenyan Partnership that will bring proven hands-on Youth Leadership Training to youth in Kenya so that they may bring about desired change to improve their circumstances on their own. The KITS Kenya Project partners Kids In The Spotlight from Canada and the United States with Partners in Community Transformation in Kenya. The team consists of 11 self-funded volunteering leaders, 9 of which are post-secondary students. The majority has completed the Youth Leadership Development program with Kids In The Spotlight (KITS).

    The Kids In The Spotlight (KITS) program and its related Youth Leadership Development program has been running successfully for 24 years at the Haven Institute in BC, Canada. Both programs were created by Denise Goldbeck, MA, PhD cand, DipC, RCC who is also one of the project leaders spearheading the mission to Kit Mikayi. “This mission will be the first of at least five years of implementing the Youth Leadership program in Kenya”, says Denise Goldbeck. “We aim to establish a functioning youth leadership group of about 40 youth from Kit Mikayi and the nearby farms so that this group of young leaders are able to teach the leadership skills and lessons to their own people without our support. We will know we are successful when the youth leaders in Kit Mikayi are able to run their own Kids in the Spotlight program independently.”

    The uniqueness of the KITS Program lies in its delivery of the training of these leadership skills. Young leaders of ages 13 to 25 are trained to work as a team with groups of children ages 4 to 12 in the creation and production of a one-hour show to be presented in front of an audience.

    The hands-on opportunities to lead coupled with group building supports the development of necessary leadership skills such as:
    • communication
    • social understanding
    • organization
    • recognition of others’ strengths
    • self-awarenss and understanding
    • ownership and responsibility
    • how to support others
    • contribution to the success of the group
    Each individual learns to cooperate and respect all other group members regardless of age and background. Child participants gain poise and confidence, which carries them through many challenges. Children who become leaders can start businesses, run for office, open schools, and create opportunities for others.

    The project team will start implementing the KITS Kenya program at Kits Mikayi School tomorrow, April 25, 2011. They will continue a 5-day program according to a schedule similar to the KITS program in Canada, with an extended day for children 10 and over. The program will conclude with a show, created by the participating children of Kit Mikayi School.

    The show will be presented on Sunday, May 1st, 2011 at 4:00 pm at the Kit Mikayi School on a still to be constructed stage in the football field. The show is Free and everyone is welcome. We also welcome any sponsorships, donations or assistance in helping KITS Kenya be a success.

    For more information on the KITS Kenya Project visit:

    About Kids In The Spotlight – Youth Leadership Training
    Kids In The Spotlight is a popular program in its 24th year running at the The Haven Institute in BC, Canada. As part of the Youth Leadership Development program, each July, youth intern training is held for 3 days where the focus is on leadership and personal growth topics. This is followed by 30 days of program, which involves working closely with and leading multi-age groups of children. The KITS program engages approximately 150 children a year. It has also developed many young leaders who are interested in making a difference in the world and to make it a better place for future generations. For more information visit:

    About Partners in Community Transformation
    Partners in Community Transformation is a grass-roots community empowerment organization. Their mission is to empower communities to address the most significant needs affecting their well-being. They were fundamental in setting the ground work for the KITS Kenya project and coordinating its location with Kit Mikayi School. For more information visit

    Media Contact:
    Lougie Cabael

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