Summit Video clips




4 Responses to Summit Video clips

  1. scola mwenda says:

    big ups to the entire media group who worked tirelessly to make sure this was a success.

  2. Sammy Chambati says:

    That was a good peace summit BUT what has the church done as far as follow up is concerned. What was the way forward after the summit and were the objectives and the key outputs(results) met?

    • George Arende says:

      Thanks for the mail and your concerns. The objectives set for the fiorst phase were met in totality. They included convening the youth to deliberate on the peace issues, provide link for funding from the Youth Development fund (done through presentations by Equity bank who are subsidiary bank for the YDF);Train youth on income generating activities- how to establish and manage (done through numerous workshops on proposal writing, monitoring and evaluation); engage the government in the activities (President accepted to attend but was held up hence sent the minister for youth Prof. Hellen Sambili)
      The next step is to initiate small funding for the youth projects which have to be sustainable and must show commitment to engage the youth on empowerment and development ahead of the 2012 elections.

  3. stella harold salim says:

    I miss u guys…had a great time….wish we had another kind of gathering…

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